BtoB Summit 2022

Why to visit
the BtoB Summit?

The 1st BtoB exhibition & conference in France!

You have BtoB Marketing and Sales needs? Our partners and exhibitors have the solutions. The various conferences, speeches and meetings organized with the exhibitors ensure that you leave with ideas that can be put into action immediately!

Inspiring conferences based on real-life cases!

For the past 10 years, the BtoB Summit has been offering inspiring talks to help you open up your business and market vision

 - Concrete conferences interspersed with business cases, market statistics and content that is totally in line with current events 
- Inspiring talks on your business 
- Over 70 exhibitors representing a wide range of products and services to help Marketing and Sales in their business
- One to one meetings, organized with exhibitors to advance on your problematic... 

 Everything is done so that you leave with ideas and solutions that can be put into action immediately! 

Connect to the BtoB Marketing and Sales community

Created in 2013, the BtoB Summit is THE only annual event that brings together all the major players in the BtoB Marketing & Sales ecosystem, with a constantly growing number of participants. 

A community of Marketing and Sales managers and operational staff who are loyal to the BtoB Summit and to the daily business and market news on

In 10 years, the BtoB Summit has largely contributed to the evangelization of new market practices and has allowed thousands of sales and marketing professionals to adapt to new challenges and to improve their skills. 

Participating in the BtoB Summit means meeting a community united around your daily issues, sharing feedback and real-life cases, networking with your peers and saving time on your technological and business watch.

Maximize your time to grow your business

Participating in the BtoB Summit 2022 is maximizing your time! 

Discover in 24 hours : 
- what's new in the market,
- new marketing and sales concepts, 
 - partners who are experts in their field 
- new tools for prospecting and promoting your brand... 
Come and meet our experts and leave with actionable ideas for the fall!