June 22, 2023
at the Parc des Princes
The greatest BtoB experience 
to skyrocket your business!
+ 1500 BtoB Marketing and Sales decision makers

will meet on June 22 at the Parc des Princes
For the past 11 years, the BtoB Summit has been a premier annual event thats brings together

the community of top BtoB marketing and sales decision makers
BtoB Marketing & Sales Partners
Marketing and Sales Decision Makers
Connect & Exchange Sessions

A day to explore new BtoB challenges

Experience a new event format that combines insightful learning, inspirational ideas, and networking opportunities


Strengthen your fundamentals and explore emerging trends, including artificial intelligence, chatbots for enhanced customer experience, advanced data analysis tools for targeted advertising campaigns, and new strategies for customer acquisition and loyalty.


With keynotes, roundtables, business cases and Connect & Exchange working sessions, you'll have the opportunity to learn from the top industry experts and thought leaders. Discover best practices and leave with actionable ideas that will empower you to excel in your role, no matter what position you hold within your organization.


Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network at the BtoB Summit. This event brings together hundreds of B2B leaders and decision-makers, providing a unique opportunity to meet new people and engage in meaningful conversations.

Sales and Marketing Zones for Enhanced Business Expertise

Improve your sales and marketing skills with the guidance of our Business Experts. Our Sales and Marketing Zones offer the opportunity to discover new strategies and reinforce existing knowledge, whether you specialize in sales, marketing or both. Don't miss this chance to enhance your business expertise and stay ahead of the game.

Connect & Exchange Sessions: Be an Active Participant!

Take an active role in challenging your ideas and exploring new areas of development
Tailored Discussions and Networking Tables: Explore Your Challenges with BtoB Marketing & Sales Experts.
Expand your Network and Learn from the Best with Connect & Exchange sessions.

The BtoB SUMMIT 2023

An event for all BtoB decision makers
Marketing, Product and Communication Managers

This group includes global strategy and planning managers who lead teams, are responsible for understanding buyers, and develop compelling offerings. It also includes managers who build brand awareness through communication and marketing efforts.
Business Development and Operations Leaders

Discover the latest best practices in technology, data collection, analysis, and revenue and margin optimization. Equip yourself with the tools to effectively lead and manage your teams as a Business Development Manager, CEO, CRO, or COO.
Sales Directors and Sales Strategy Managers

Sales directors and sales strategy managers are responsible for the overall sales strategy, including onboarding, training, compensation, and sales enablement. They are focused on finding solutions to achieve their goals and retain customers.
Lead Generation & ABM Project Managers

LeadGen and ABM project managers, content and sales managers responsible for understanding buyer behavior and optimizing lead generation and account-based marketing strategies. Join the BtoB Summit to discover the latest techniques and tools to improve your profitability and achieve your goals.

Meet the BtoB Leaders

2023 Speakers coming soon
of the last edition

Last Edition's Participants: A Snapshot of the BtoB Community


We strive to ensure that you leave the BtoB Summit equipped with actionable ideas and solutions

Thank you very much for this invitation. It was very enriching and the speakers were captivating!
Magali L'HER
Magali L'HER
Thank you very much for this invitation. It was very enriching and the speakers were captivating!
Léa Labatut
Léa Labatut
A look back on a great day at the BtoB Summit. Great meetings on our booth. Nothing more rewarding than to go out in the field!
Mélanie Jonniaux
Mélanie Jonniaux


How to reach the Parc des Princes for the event on June 22, 2023
Our venue is located at 24 rue du Commandant Guilbaut, 75016 Paris, and we look forward to welcoming you at 8:30 am.

By Metro :
Line 9 - Stop at Porte de Saint-Cloud 
Line 10 - Stop at Porte d'Auteuil

By Bus :
Lines 22, 62, 72 : Porte de Saint-Cloud station.
Lines 32 and 52 : Porte d'Auteuil stop.

By car :
From the South ring road: take exit D910/Boulogne and turn left onto Avenue de la Porte-de-Saint-Cloud, then take the first right onto Rue du Commandant-Guilbaud.
From the North ring road: take the exit Boulogne/Avenue de la Porte-de-Saint-Cloud and turn right onto Avenue de la Porte-de-Saint-Cloud, then take the first right onto Rue du Commandant Guilbaud.

See on map

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