June 22, 2023
at the Parc des Princes

General Program

Marketing, sales, content, customer relations... Discover all the speeches

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Industry Experts

For over a decade, the BtoB Summit has established itself as the premier event for connecting with the top players in BtoB sales. Join us and gain invaluable insights from industry experts, thought leaders, and innovators in the field.

The 11th edition of BtoB Summit introduces the BtoB Sales Zone: An exclusive experience for Sales professionals!

The BtoB Summit is back with its 11th edition and introduces the BtoB Sales Zone, a tailor-made experience for sales directors, sales managers, and sales operations managers (SalesOps) to empower their sales game.

- The BtoB Sales Zone caters to the needs and expectations of sales professionals, providing them with ultra-targeted themes, feedback, and insights to hone their skills.

- This year, the BtoB Summit features Sales Leaders who will share their experience in the new Connect & Exchange! sessions: exclusive discussion tables dedicated 100% to sales and sales management issues, offering best practices and innovative solutions to elevate your performance.

- The BtoB Sales Zone is also an excellent opportunity for networking, connecting with fellow sales professionals, and building new business relationships.

Share Your Experience and Get Inspired by the Best

- Integrate data into your decision-making process to boost your sales performance and gain a competitive edge.

- Discover innovative strategies and key tactics to improve your sales results through the Connect & Exchange sessions and Business Cases.

- Learn how to attract and retain the best sales talent to drive growth and exceed your targets.

- Acquire new sales techniques to meet the evolving expectations of the B2B super buyer and build long-lasting relationships.

- Expand your network, share insights, and exchange best practices with like-minded sales professionals in an exceptional setting.

Become an actor thanks to the Connect & Exchange sessions!

A unique experience to challenge your ideas and discover new areas of development
Thematic discussions and networking tables based on your problematics and best practices from the BtoB Marketing & Sales community.
Connect & Exchange sessions allow you to get to know your peers and promote the sharing of best practices.

Dozens of "Sales" themes

tailored to your specific needs
Sales Management and Customer Relations

- Engage and inspire your sales teams for improved performance
- Attract and recruit top sales talent to your organization
- Motivate and retain employees to reduce turnover and increase productivity
- Successfully onboard and train remote and in-person sales reps
- Encourage adoption of new sales tools and technologies
- Implement effective recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates
- Train your sales team to sell remotely and adapt to changing customer      preferences
- Streamline your sales cycle to close deals faster and more efficiently
- Define the optimal sales organization for your business
- Monitor and analyze sales results to continuously improve performance
- Establish and track the right sales KPIs to measure success and drive growth.
Sales Performance

- Implement Sales Enablement to empower your sales team and improve sales performance
- Build stronger relationships with your customers to drive repeat business and referrals
- Train your salespeople in the best sales techniques to close more deals
- Adapt to remote selling and equip your sales team with the right tools and technology
- Align Marketing and Sales to create a cohesive and effective go-to-market strategy
- Optimize your sales process to increase your sales transformation rate and close deals faster
- Leverage social networks for intelligent prospecting and to expand your reach
- Build a reliable database of target prospects and use it to drive effective sales outreach
- Explore new sales tools to make your sales more profitable and efficient
- Shorten your sales cycle and reduce the time it takes to close deals
- Tap into marketplaces to increase your sales prospecting and reach new customers.
ABM, DemandGen, LeadGen

- Implement a Sales Enablement strategy
- Increase sales performance
- Create a bond with your customers
Train salespeople in the best sales techniques
- Understand remote selling
- Align Marketing and Sales
- Increase your sales transformation rate
- Find the best sales tools to make sales more profitable
- Reduce your sales cycle
- Use social networks to prospect intelligently
- Build a reliable database of target prospects
- Increase your sales prospecting thanks to marketplaces
Customer Relations

- Elevate customer experience by prioritizing BtoB eCommerce delivery
- Consider outsourcing BtoB customer relationship and appointment setting for more      efficient management
- Implement effective customer management strategies to strengthen relationships
- Choose the appropriate CRM system for your business needs
- Modernize the customer journey for a seamless experience
- Increase profitability of customer relations through data-driven insights
- Organize and optimize your Customer Sales Manager service for better results.

Our partners

Tout est fait pour que vous repartiez avec des idées et solutions actionnables immédiatement ! 

Thanks a lot BtoB Leaders for the quality of the conferences, led by renowned experts. 

Ideal for meeting the marketing industry's most influential opinion leaders and sourcing business best practices (digital, AI, unified commerce, etc.) 

Justin Elan
Justin Elan
Une journée stimulante où les leaders d'opinion du secteur ont animé des conférences, des tables rondes et des sessions interactives autour des nouvelles tendances et perspectives du marketing. J'ai également eu l'occasion de partager des conversations enrichissantes avec des professionnels passionnés. 

J'en repars pleine d'inspiration et impatiente de pouvoir étudier ces nouvelles opportunités. 

Alexia Curtit
Alexia Curtit
Quelle belle journée au BtoB Summit 2023 ! 
Merveilleusement commencée par un arrosage de la pelouse du Parc des Princes et poursuivie par des échanges d'une rare élégance et dans le respect des règles du jeu (sans ballon).

Merci à celles et ceux qui ont nourri de belles conversations autour du marketing et des histoires que les marques devraient raconter !

Patrice Laubignat
Patrice Laubignat