BtoB Summit 2023

Conference by
Michaël AGUILAR:

PRICE is the #1 problem for sellers... and the #1 concern for buyers!

"It's too expensive!" ... "Your competitors make a commercial gesture" ... "Give me a better price and we'll sign"... It is THE subject of confrontation par excellence...

When products and services are becoming more and more similar and standardized, when competition is intensifying worldwide and budgets are being squeezed, PRICE becomes the arbiter of all purchasing decisions.To emerge victorious from a war in a minefield, you need to have the best strategies and the most effective weapons.This is the objective of this conference, in a style that is both stimulating and "hair-raising". A conference that promises to enrich you... in every sense of the word! Translated with (free version)

Join Michaël AUGILAR's conference at 5pm and discover during 1h30 :

  • How to stop being afraid of selling at a high price
  • The biggest mistake salespeople make when it comes to price advocacy
  • How to appeal to the mental and emotional sides of your business
  • The best techniques and tips for selling at your price
  • The hidden secrets of the best salespeople and marketers for selling at a higher price