BtoB Summit 2023

Why be an expert partner 
at the BtoB Summit?

Accelerate your business!

1 day to connect and exchange with the community of Marketing and Sales decision makers. 
 Create a strong commitment around your expertise: a high visibility, an unequalled highlighting of your expertise and a quality networking!

A quality audience: 
 Meet over 1,000 marketing and sales decision makers looking for a partner

The BtoB Summit is attended by 94% of Marketing, Sales and Development departments (DG, CEO, COO, CRO...), 80% of which are managers. 
 This year, the BtoB Summit Connect & Exchange is aimed at directors and managers to allow you to showcase your expertise to decision makers.

Last year, 87% of them were looking for new marketing and sales tools and partners.

Participating in the BtoB Summit Connect & Exchange means : 
- Participate in the first event to bring together the community of BtoB marketing and sales decision makers
- connect with decision-makers from all sectors of activity, from industry to e-commerce, including real estate, banking, healthcare and services. 

60% of them work in companies with 100 to 5000+ employees. 

June 22nd is the opportunity to get in touch with verified professional decision makers:
- Professional address
- Area of interest in line with your offers
- Project in progress  

Business expertise: 
Position your company as a leader in your market

You will only need one day to make yourself known to prospects looking for service providers and tools thanks to optimized visibility and targeted speaking engagements.

A table with your colors that can accommodate 10 people at the same time with the same problem! 1 hour to explore their subject, discuss, highlight your expertise and sell. An unparalleled collective argumentation that serves your business. 

You are visible and recognized as an expert by the BtoB Marketing and Sales community. 

Generate quality and profitable leads

The BtoB Summit is organized to ensure a quality meeting for participants and partners.

From the setting up of the partnership to the qualification of the participants, everything is done to ensure you a maximum profitability: 
 - diversified offers adapted to your needs, 
- maximum visibility before, during and after the event, 
- speaking engagements and business meetings to create a strong relationship
- a proven lead generation mechanism for more opportunities created

Last year, 87% of participants are looking for new partners and new tools.