BtoB Summit 2022


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gyfti helps Marketing & Sales departments to differentiate themselves in customer and employee engagement by reinventing the oldest channel in the world, the physical one. Our platform for managing the sending of physical objects connects to your CRM and allows you to differentiate yourself by marking the moments of your customers' and prospects' lives by sending automated small and large gifts :) Here are some concrete examples, to give you some ideas: Sending a box containing a white paper accompanied by a box of cookies, a tea bag and a handwritten letter ensuring that your content will be read. Ideal for your prospects! Sending a fruit box to share with your client as a team once their first contract is signed. Sending a box containing several Made in France & eco-responsible objects personalized with your colors to your partner. If you contact this partner, they may use your contact information to send you marketing information. To learn more, to object or to exercise your rights, see their Privacy Policy below:

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