BtoB Summit 2023


Stand: 28


For several years, LinkedIn has been a formidable prospecting ground with direct access to thousands of high-level decision-makers. However, prospecting on LinkedIn cannot be improvised. It must be relevant, personalized and very responsive. It is meticulous and time-consuming work that requires several hours a day and that a sales manager or a CEO does not have the time to do. That's why we created Socialmatik, the first automated conversational bot on LinkedIn in French. Assisted by our professional writers and our unique technology, we systematize and automate your prospecting to a level of quality and efficiency never seen before. You engage, with relevant conversations, hundreds of hyper-qualified prospects per week. Results, your network develops very quickly, you accumulate appointments with prospects (between 15 and 30 qualified appointments per month) and you develop your sales thanks to this formidable professional social network. If you contact this partner, they may use your contact information to send you marketing information. To learn more, to object or to exercise your rights, see their Privacy Policy below: