BtoB Summit 2023


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Dropcontact is the only solution natively integrated in CRM (Hubsport, Salesforce, Pipedrive...) that : Automatically detects and merges duplicate contacts and companies Enriches the companies and contacts with validated personal email address, LinkedIn profile url, Function.... Continuously updates the validity of email addresses of contacts in the CRM Additional enrichment of contacts in the CRM from the information contained in the signatures in the emails received Monitoring and automatic enrichment of contacts in the CRM when the company changes (optional) Dropcontact technology is based on algorithms and does not use any database; this is what makes it the only 100% RGPD compliant solution on the market. Sales teams can finally focus on their real added value. Dropcontact takes care of enriching and maintaining their CRM. If you contact this partner, they may use your contact information to send you marketing information. To learn more, to object or to exercise your rights, see their Privacy Policy below: