BtoB Summit 2023

Business Case - How to make variable compensation a strategic growth lever?

Jul 7, 2022 | 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Amphi 400


The Provalliance group is the European leader in hairdressing (Franck Provost, Jean Louis David, Saint Algue, etc.) and has been built up essentially through external growth. After 2 years of pandemic that seriously impacted the hairdressing world, both by the closure of some salons and by the change in customer behavior: - How to improve the customer experience in salons? - How to revitalize employees after 2 very complicated years? - What remuneration package should be used to deal with the shortage of talent and build team loyalty? - How to turn a compensation overhaul project into an opportunity for a broader transformation of the company and to implement an ambitious strategy?