BtoB Summit 2023

Business Case - How can outsourcing become the arm of your sales force?

Jul 7, 2022 | 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Amphi 400


The difficulty of recruiting and retaining salespeople is forcing sales managers to optimize their internal teams in order to make them more efficient. How to increase the number of sales calls? How to focus salespeople on closing? When you know that a sales person spends an average of 36% of his time selling, it becomes fundamental to rethink the organization of his sales process. More and more companies rely on outsourcing to boost their sales. Qualification and follow-up of leads, outbound prospecting, portfolio follow-up, sales administration management... Call Of Success will present you with numerous business cases that will allow you to project yourself on future evolutions to be implemented. On the program: 1. Why would you want to outsource your sales? 2. External sales at the service of your internal sales 3. Business cases (to come) 4. How to choose the right partner for your needs? 5. The keys to successful outsourcing - framing, training, management