Keynote : The importance of full funnel marketing and 7 plays to add to your Playbook today.

Keynote ABM DemandGen & LeadGen

22/06/2023 | 11h30 - 12h00 | N-1 Auditorium


Kris Rudeegraap is the co-founder and CEO of Sendoso, the leading Direct Marketing Automation Platform. 

Kris has more than a decade of go-to-market experience and has spent time at Talkdesk, Yapstone, and Piqora. 
During that time, he discovered that creating meaningful engagements through direct mail and gifting was an effective way to drive demand and increase sales—which helped inspire the idea for Sendoso. 

Kris is a California native and currently resides in the Bay Area. 

Sendoso is trusted by the world's leading businesses including Fortune 100 and 500 companies and is an essential part of successful demand generation, account-based, sales, and customer experience programs. Founded in 2016, Sendoso is backed by $152M in venture funding and has a global footprint, with a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.