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Teasing and speaking Adopting a chatbot requires a 360° vision: What is the life cycle of a conversational agent? How to create a chatbot that is efficient and quick to implement? How to integrate it into the organization and the global business strategy? These are just some of the topics and best practices we will discuss during our Break Out Session! Synapse presentation text Synapse is a Toulouse-based company, expert in Artificial Intelligence applied to texts. Our raison d'être is to support our clients in the transmission of their knowledge. In this sense, Synapse intervenes throughout the life cycle of this knowledge: 1- Creating knowledge, through a writing tool that boosts the performance of corporate writing: Cordial. 2- Structure the knowledge, through semantic analysis tools (thematization, sentiment detection...): Semantics by Synapse. 3- Sharing knowledge, through a conversational agent capable of connecting to a company's documentation and automatically generating its knowledge base: Chatbot by Synapse. If you contact this partner, they can use your contact information to send you marketing information. To find out more, to object or to exercise your rights, see their Privacy Policy below:

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