BtoB Summit 2022

Breakout session - Switch from big data to smart data to make the customer experience unforgettable

Jul 7, 2022 | 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM


71% of consumers expect companies to offer them personalized interactions. Without this, ¾ of them are ready to change brands (Source McKinsey, 2021). I.M.P.L.A.C.A.B.L.E! So, of course, all companies do their best to collect data. Lots of data… But that's not all. You have to be able to have the right data, maintain it, use it for segmentation purposes and set up relevant marketing scenarios. The question that then arises is: how to take advantage of all this data? The CRM, as a central tool for customer relations, is of course a must. And, combined with a marketing automation solution, it makes the customer experience even more powerful, even better. Come and discover our tips for moving from big data to smart data in order to make your customers' experience unforgettable.